What is Meditation Manicure?

Meditation has many benefits and has become one of the most studied self-care tools in the past few years. We at Joyride are offering a free meditation add-on to our manicure and pedicure services to help people step out of their heads and into relaxation.

Meditation helps bring you into ‘parasympathetic’ mode. We spend most of our stressed out days in ‘sympathetic’, which is synonymous with “fight or flight”. Short term stress hormones help us push through our workout or for that deadline, but is unhealthy for extended periods. Parasympathetic is required to digest your food, rebuild muscles, lower blood pressure and of course sleep.

We want people to use this time to relax their minds as well as beautify their fingers and toes! By doing a short 10 minute mediation as part of your service you get all of these benefits while ensuring you are present in your self-care routine. So sit back, put on our comfortable headphones and enjoy a meditation during your hand or foot massage.

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