Choose Your Joy, Take The Ride

The Joyride

Go classic! Our signature service including nail shaping, cuticle care, and massage for refined relaxation. Our nourishing, all natural Joyride products are used throughout the treatment. Finish the escape with your choice of non-toxic polish.

*In efforts to become more environmentally friendly, we have eliminated water soak in our manicures.

Mani: $38 (45 min)

Pedi: $52 (60 min)

The Maia

The Joyride with Gel! Our signature Joyride service with vegan and non toxic gel polish of your choice! Includes nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care, massage for refined relaxation.

We love nail art and enjoy creating art that speaks to your mood. Bring us your inspiration and enjoy the process. Not into nail art? No problem, we love classic too! Keep those beauties instagram worthy.

Mani: $50 (60 min)

Pedi: $65 (70 min)

The Gobi

Go waterless! This is our signature waterless pedicure that delivers the same result as traditional soak pedicure while saving water. We replace water soak with disposable socks filled with professional emollient cream. Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, callous removal and massage, finished by a nail polish of your choice.

Can add on gel polish.

Pedi $45 (40 min)

Joyride Quickie

Freshen those digits! Your polish looks better and lasts longer on well-cared for nails. We shape, buff and do simple cuticle work and apply fresh polish to make your nails look great! This is an express service designed to freshen your regular polish. Our expert nail technicians will assess your nails and recommend if you require a full manicure instead of polish change.

Mani $25 (20 min)
Pedi $35 (30 min)

Maia Quickie

Refresh those gels. This is gel polish change and includes shaping, buffing and simple cuticle work finished with your choice of gel polish. Our expert nail technicians will assess your nails and recommend if you require a full manicure instead of polish change. This is an express no soak service, gel removal from your previous mani/pedi is not included.

Mani $35 (30 min)
Pedi $40 (35 min)

The Pixie

Pure Joyride! Find your fresh with our classic service (minus the colour). Finish off with a buff-to-shine or nail-strengthener for shiny, natural-looking nails. Our expert Nail Technicians will be happy to make a recommendation based on the condition of your nails. A great option for the men in your life or those who want to give their nails a break from polish!

Mani $30 (30 min)
Pedi $45 (40 min)

The Sophia

A Joyride for mums-to-be. Our signature Joyride service tailored to meet expectant mothers’ needs with all natural, pregnancy-safe everything from beginning to end – including nail polish and a soy based polish remover! Massage eases especially tired (and puffy!) hands and feet. Relax, we’ve got you!

Mani $40 (45 min)
Pedi $54 (60 min)

The Major

All the good stuff! This service is our signature Joyride plus added indulgences. Includes hand/foot exfoliation, extra callus removal, extended massage, a paraffin wax treatment, and of course, the non-toxic colour of your choice. Simple luxury.
Gel polish add on is available.

Mani $55 (60 min)
Pedi $72 (75 min)

The Junior

Never too early! Whether it mommy-daughter time or a treat, your little one will feel very special. From start to finish the Junior Joyrider will feel pampered, and can choose from a line of child friendly polishes and soy based polish remover! For ages up to 12 years old.

Mani $20 (15 min)
Pedi $25 (20 min)



Please note we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations within 24-hours of your appointment time will be charged half the value of the booked appointment. Cancellations on the day of the appointment or no shows will be charged full value of the service.

Nail Art?

We have some seriously talented artists on hand to make your Pinterest worthy nail dreams come true!

Marbling, depending on number of colours used - 2$-5$ per nail

Free hand drawing, depending on design - 2$-5$ per nail.

Chrome Nails - 3$ per nail

Foil and other appliques - additional charge

Stones - 1$

Not done yet?

Feeling the need to extend your Joyride a little longer? Add a 10 minute massage to any service.



Our technicians are highly skilled and committed to giving you gorgeous nails every time! Their best advice for a long-wearing mani or pedi? Wear gloves while washing dishes, ask someone else to open your can of coke and don’t put shoes on for at least 8 hours.

Any gel manicure chipped within 7 days will be fixed at no cost (chipped nails only).

Any regular manicure chipped within 2 days will be fixed at no cost (chipped nail only)

Gel Polish removal is 5$ if done at Joyride and 15$ if from another salon


Complimentary drinks





Organic Tea

Earl Grey, Sencha Green Tea, Chamomile, Peppermint and Chai Tea

* we use almond milk in our drinks.

Caffeinate / Hydrate

Coffee / $2

Latte / $2

Espresso / $2

Americano / $2

We also carry a fresh selection of cold-pressed juice
from Glory Juice Co.


We will ask you to please fill out a quick questionnaire when you arrive at Joyride for the first time to ensure that from here on out, we know what you like! From your favourite polish color, flavour of cold pressed juice, magazine and chair in the salon, we want to make sure your next visit is the perfect escape.


10AM – 7PM


1758 West 4th Avenue Vancouver, BC