Choose Your Joy, Take The Ride

Our Joyride & Dermalogica Facials reinvent a new category of ‘facial’ and set the spa standard a notch higher.

Joyride is a passion and a labour of love, bringing clean beauty to Vancouver through a modern, restful experience. Joyride’s in-house skincare line reflects the passion, simplicity and clean lines of the business as a whole. It offers clients home care that they can trust and pride in supporting local business. But as Joyride has matured, so has its clientele. For individuals looking for advanced results in anti-aging, sensitivity, adult acne or pigmentation, Joyride has partnered with Dermalogica to achieve more. Dermalogica treatments are fully customizable so that every client is treated as the unique individual that they are, their needs and goals addressed efficiently and proactively. Clean is beautiful, and so are results.
Dermalogica is a professional-grade skincare line with over 30 years of award and record-setting innovation and an international following. With ongoing advancement in skincare technology, Dermalogica takes Joyride further, giving its clients choice, and medical-grade results, without sacrificing on clean ingredients, ethical sourcing, or environmental impact. All our Facials are done with Dermalogica and Joyride’s 100% Natural skin care products, locally handmade in Vancouver.

The Quickie

We understand when your complexion needs rejuvenation but your schedule is unforgiving. That’s why we offer The Quickie and ProSkin 30 Facials, a refreshing treatment that will make you feel more relaxed and renew your skin in just 30 minutes. Enjoy your customized Dermalogica or Joyride facial after your detailed skin assessment. Your skin will thank you!


30 min

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The Joyride

Want a little extra TLC and results you can feel right away? This Facial really gives you the extra wattage glow you’re seeking! Our customized Dermalogica or Joyride Facial is designed to address and resolve daily concerns with a combination of targeted products resulting in purified, hydrated and nourished skin.


45 min

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The Major Joyride

60 Minutes

Treat yourself to something truly luxurious. Our signature Major Joyride Facial starts with deep exfoliation followed by a brightening fruit enzyme peel treatment for younger looking skin. This deluxe Facial dives deeper with a collagen and hyaluronic deep hydrating mask followed by a Signature Joyride massage leaving your skin visibly hydrated, firm and fine lines diminished. A must-have before any special occasion.


60 min

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The Detoxer

This facial is a personalized is a personalized ProSkin 60 treatment perfect for clients who want a comprehensive, customized experience. It addresses all their skin concerns and creates a full sensorial experience, leaving them with the signature Dermalogica glow. You’re sure to leave feeling more beautiful, confident, and relaxed!


60 min

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Caffeinate / Hydrate





Organic Tea / Complimentary

Earl Grey, Sencha Green Tea, Chamomile, Peppermint and Chai Tea

* We use almond milk in our drinks as an alternative milk

Caffeinate / Hydrate

Coffee / $2

Latte / $2

Espresso / $2

Americano / $2

We also carry a fresh selection of cold-pressed juice
from Glory Juice Co.


Please note we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations within 24-hours of your appointment time will be charged half the value of the booked appointment.


We will ask you to please fill out a quick questionnaire when you arrive at Joyride for the first time to ensure that from here on out, we know what you like! From your favourite polish color, flavour of cold pressed juice, magazine and chair in the salon, we want to make sure your next visit is the perfect escape.