Our Studio

Joyride is Canadian. Joyride is fresh and green. Joyride provides a clean, healthy environment for rejuvenation, inspiration, and wellness. All-natural is the theme—from our treatments to your final look. We use only natural products that are environmentally safe and safe for you and our staff.

We are dedicated to highly personalized facial, lash, brow, hand, and foot care through the application of the best products and aesthetic techniques in an atmosphere of utter relaxation.

Our goal is to be a zero-waste beauty bar that is kind to people and kind to Mother Nature. Come and discover this hub of peace and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with your friends, family, and colleagues. Our expert beauticians will pamper you and take care of you from head to toe. Your comfort is our priority.

Our Products

Rather than depend on market products, we design our own! Joyride's all-natural, plant-based products are used from the mani-pedi to facial. They are natural, fresh and fill the people of Vancouver city with beauty and bliss.

The Joyride beauty line is manufactured and formulated in Canada! We have in-house moisturisers, body lotions, face serums, toners, cuticle oil and others. And if you're anything like us, you occasionally enjoy a candle with a fresh fragrance. Therefore, we came up with our signature Joyride scent. Order your Joyride online today!

Meet the Team

Our Mission

By curating a healthy and clean environment, we hope to inspire self-care and harmony. To make a better world, one step at a time, we work hard to eliminate waste.

Our Vision

To be Vancouver's leading space for wellness, innovation, and non-toxic products.

Our Values

As a company, we aim to help clients feel and look better. Joyride is a place for community members to rejuvenate themselves.